My work “uniform” consists of just about anything, as long as it is black, white, or grey. If we do all of our chores, we get to wear color once in  a while. The problem is, I have been in this business long enough that the majority of my wardrobe items are … black, white, and grey. Anything colored I have is not considered work clothes – tshirts and whatever. So when I get to wear color at work (which is often because I do all my chores like a good little girl), I generally throw on a red cardigan.

Why do I have a red cardigan anyways? I also have one in white and one in black, but those are less exciting. But I have these because for some reason, I feel like throwing on a cardigan instantly classes up an outfit. Jeans and a tshirt? Bam. Cardigan. Classy. Tube top and miniskirt? Add the cardigan, instant posh.

The thing is, I know I’m wrong about it. Where did this idea come from? Were cardigan sweaters one of those items just out of reach of my impoverished little hands? Why do I feel like the First Lady because I’m wearing a button up sweater (That I don’t even button up)?

Ah, the mysteries of life.


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