In which I get a massage

I’d never had a professional massage before, so when I was given a gift certificate for my birthday (back in June…) I was excited to use it. You know, so excited that I waited 7 months. But I’d been having neck- and headaches, and my shoulders were tight, so I assumed that the free massage would solve all my problems.

It was not at a normal salon or spa though – it was a business run by a husband and wife out of their house.  I don’t know what to do in that situation: do I knock on the front door, or just walk in? I went ahead in, only because I had seen someone look out the window when I drove up. It was still weird though. But I introduced myself, and they were expecting me since I had an appointment. The husband was the one that would be working on me, which is fine. They asked, but I honestly had no preference.

The massage itself was fine. Nice, even. But awkward.  I already don’t like strangers touching me, even if I know it will feel good and I am (in theory) paying for it. The “massage oil” wasn’t oil at all, more of like a  wax. In fact, I think it was natural beeswax, as they placed high importance on natural therapy. That’s all well and good, but not really my style. There wasn’t any aromatherapy to go with it, which I had expected. Plus I couldn’t get over the whole house thing. Their dog was barking, I could hear people walking around on the hardwood floors and up & down the stairs. When my face was in the little circle thing so he could massage my back, all I could look at were his moccassin slippers.

It was a good massage. I was a little torn that it was only a 30 -minute massage, so I didn’t get the works, but I was relieved to leave. And there was the dog, waiting right outside the door. I’d go back to them, but I will probably go to an actual massage parlor instead. I just like that separation, and the lack of it was very odd.


One thought on “In which I get a massage

  1. PolyAmazing says:

    We had a friend who ran a massage business out of her home. My husband did some construction work for her and she paid him in gift certificates. We never used them. The massage room looked like the parlor at a brothel.

    I too have a birthday certificate from many moons ago that I need to cash in. Thank you for reminding me! Luckily it’s a salon type massage. I like places that smell like chemicals, it makes me think they might be clean.

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