in which I work it out

I recently joined a gym. Not as part of any New Year’s resolution or anything (though the January specials on enrollment did help with the decision), but more of an “I need to get into shape” thing. Plus, the gym is open 24 hours and is literally across the street from where I live, so I can walk down there as my warmup. I generally do that, unless I go there right after work – which is a motivational thing. Sometimes I’m just too tired after work and I know that if I go home, I won’t go back out again. The cold weather doesn’t help with that.

But I do actually go to the gym pretty regularly. I do what I call the Hairdresser’s Workout. And no, it’s not just a clever name. Since I’m on my feet all day using my hands and arms, I really just want to tone and strengthen those muscles, and work those muscles that I don’t use every day.

I do a “second” warmup by running on the treadmill really fast for just a few minutes. That gets my heart rate up and hopefully burns some of my belly fat. Not that I have any belly fat, because I am perfect. But it gets the blood flowing. Then I wander over to the weight machines. The gym is set up in a very logical way, so I just start at one end of the row and work my way down. I do 2 different machines for my shoulders, one for my triceps, and then 2 for my abs. I put on the very least amount of weight and do a bunch of reps – I don’t need giant linebacker shoulders or anything. Then I head over to the bike, where the main motivator is that I get to read my book for half an hour. Depending on how busy the gym is, I don’t always get my first choice, which is the lean back and pedal kind. That keeps my heart rate back up, and hopefully burns some more of that nonexistent fat I mentioned.

I know you’re supposed to burn more calories than you take in, but I just can’t do that. I really like to eat. That’s probably why I need go to the gym. However, it’s too soon to tell if my little plan is working. I haven’t lost any weight yet, and I don’t feel like I have any more energy. (I still take unexpected naps sometimes.) One thing, though, is that my shoulders and upper back feel better. I no longer have as much tightness or kinks, so I guess that alone is worth it.


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