Ever since I brought my tiny kitten Mecrutio home 11 & 1/2 years ago, he has slept on my chest in the same spot, same position, every night. He’s no longer a tiny kitten, but he still keeps his place. As such, I feel it fitting to get his pawprints tattooed on my chest. And I want them to be his paws, not just generic pictures. So, this requires him to step on a stamp pad and then on a piece of paper, which I will then bring to the tattoo artist.

Mecrutio does not like me stamping his paw, but he tolerates and abides. He’s used to me; This is why we love each other. However, his little paws are white, so even after stepping on the paper, his paw remained colored. He left a few pawprints on the carpet too. You can see it just a little bit in this picture – his paw is perfectly half red and half blue. (That was accidental, but it turned out cool.)


Don’t worry, the ink is non toxic. He won’t let me wash it off though, so it just has to stay there until it wipes off naturally.

And I’d been thinking, just because I haven’t had Hadley as long doesn’t mean I love her any less. And her paws are definitely unique – she’s the one with 6 toes on each little kitty paw. But where to get the tattoo? Luckily, the last few nights have been a revelation. While Cru sleeps on my chest, Hadley wanders around for a minute until she plops down next to my hip. She doesn’t lay in the exact same way every night, but it’s a general enough idea that I’m willing to tattoo her big old giant paw on my hip.

So, I set out with my rainbow stamp pad to get her pawprint as well.

The thing about Hadley is that she was a stray for 2 years before I had her. I have no idea what her life was like, even though I like to make up stories. (Rumor has it, she fought wolves.) But when I put her paw on the ink pad, she flipped out. Mecrutio even came to check on her – that’s how bad it was. This is a cat that lets me give her pedicures all day long, but as soon as her paw touched that pad, she went into a PTSD-style freakout. Was she a member of a kitty concentration camp? Does this remind her of the time she spent in the kitty Big House for her many crimes? Until she learns to use those big paws for writing out her life story, we’ll never know.

But with some careful placement, I did get the pad of paper under her paw as she ran away. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.


That’s Mecrutio’s on top, Hadley’s on the bottom. Her paws are darker, so she doesn’t have quite the temporary dye job that Cru has, but it’s there.

rainbow paw

But I think that these will both make some nice additions to the permanent ink on my body, so I can always take my kitties with me. Shoot, I will probably get them in these rainbow colors.


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