Cattooed, part 2

You may remember this post in which I discuss getting my cats’ paws permanently inked on me. Well I did it. (One of them anyway. I haven’t decided where to put Hadley’s giant paw yet.)


I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out. My artist added some fur around the shape so I don’t look like the rapper Eve. We also like the fur because there is no mistaking this paw print. Is that a panther? a bear? No – it’s a widdle cuddly wuddly kitty cat.

I showed you the stamp before, but then I also took a photo of the bottom of his paw so we could get the coloring right. As a result, this is definitely Mecrutio’s paw; right size, shape, and color. And the placement is awesome.

I was expecting this tattoo to hurt quite a bit, as the other side of my chest was my most painful to date. But the opposite happened – it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I think this tattoo hurt least out of all of them so far. I also kinda feel like maybe tattoos just don’t hurt anymore. Or maybe Brian is just light handed. I was only under the needle for about half an hour, but still. I didn’t bat an eye. I was just like “ho-hum, am I getting tattooed? Whatever.” The last several I’ve gotten have been like this.

There were a few other people in the shop getting tattooed at the same time as me. One of them was this big football looking guy getting his bicep done, and I definitely saw him wincing but playing tough. Then when he was leaving, I could see that he was hurting. I thought it was funny that I’m a tiny little girl, getting a more painful place on my body tattooed, and I didn’t even blink an eye.

Also, you’d be surprised at how often people need to talk to my artist while a pretty girl is getting her chest tattooed. I was wearing a tank top, and had various bandages around to protect from smearing ink, so it’s not like anyone could see anything they shouldn’t. Still, the other artist came in every few minutes, sometimes to watch, sometimes to bug Brian about what he wanted to eat. I also he think he noticed that I wasn’t in any pain. That’s right, I’m a badass.


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