Star Trek: Into Darkness: no spoiler edition

Disclaimer: I say “no spoilers” and I believe that to be true. I have not revealed anything that was not public knowledge already. However, if you don’t even want the possibility of a spoiler, get off the damn internet. Stop reading things about the topic you’re trying to avoid!


Star Trek: Into Darkness follows J.J. Abrams’ 2009 release of Star Trek by somehow uniting and dividing fans (“Trekkies”) all at the same time. Alternate timelines, canon, blah blah blah. Take the movie for what it is. Some love it, some hate it. I loved it (and I didn’t even see it in 3D). Dammit, Jim – I’m a fangirl, not a movie reviewer.

Just like in the first Abrams film, the writers (who are themselves big Trekkies) are excellent at throwing nods to the fans without alienating the general moviegoing public. Even if you’ve never heard of some little thing called Star Trek, the movie is enjoyable and easy to follow: Good guys, bad guys, explosions, love interests, the reg.
Or, if hypothetically, you’re a big Star Trek nerd and you show up to the midnight premiere wearing a Star Fleet dress (blue, because science), and you actually squeal at certain revelations and throwaway lines, well, I think you would also like it. (THEY HAVE A TRIBBLE.)

Each ball of fluff cost $7 billion to keep.

I know some of the other reviewers have decided they hate this movie and that everyone involved in its making should be stunned with a phaser and then warped into Klingon airspace and exploded, but I loved it. I left the theater so ramped up on Trek-drenaline that I immediately wanted to watch it again. There were some laughs and some tears, and not just because I came into the theater already invested in the characters. It was because of the story, dammit.
And yes, I know that it seems like I love every movie I write about here, but did you ever think that maybe I only go see movies that I think I’ll enjoy?

Anyway. I just want to point out something I thought was really cool. Some of the scenes in space were hyperimposed over real images from the Hubble Space Telescope. If the on-screen action wasn’t exciting enough for you, it kept the backgrounds from adding to your boredom.


The special effects were amazing.

I can say that, and only that, because I don’t want to reveal anything about the movie. This movie has been so shrouded in secrecy that going into the theater, we still did not know who the villain was. We knew who was playing him, yes, but the wonderfully generic name they gave us (“John Harrison”) told us nothing.

Kirk…. I am your father.

I won’t reveal who Benedict Cumberbatch’s villian is, nor will I reveal how it led to (what I imagine is) Zachary Quinto’s favorite line in his whole career. But there were squees and applause a’plenty, and not just from me – from the type of people that wait years for this movie to come out and then see the very first showing (which was moved to Wednesday night / Thursday morning because the advance tickets kept selling out all the theaters). I will say that this movie reinforced my undying love for Simon Pegg, as well as the rest of the cast, the director, the writers, the special effects team, and the franchise as a whole. In fact, I feel an overwhelming need to re-watch some of the previous movies even though they don’t stack up to this one.

TL;DR conclusion: Go see this movie. See it now. See it tomorrow. See it ALL THE TIMES. Revel in the unspoilerization the first viewing, then relive the excitement all the subsequent showings, knowing that the person sitting next to you may be experiencing it all for the first time.


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