in which people are inconsiderate

There’s always that girl. That drunk girl at concerts that probably spent more money on booze than she did for the ticket. Sometimes they just dance by themselves, harmlessly in the back. But more often, they elbow their way to front & center of the stage, pushing out the people that have stood there for hours while enduring crappy opening bands just so they could be two feet away from their favorite musician.

I’ve never been in a fight at a concert (or anywhere), but I’ve come close a few times. Like last night. Typical drunk girl pushing her way into a space that wasn’t there, stepping on people, etc. I already have issues with personal space, but I’m willing to forgive a bit at a concert. This girl, however, crossed the line. At one point she was headbanging or something (which is funny because it wasn’t headbanging music), and nearly headbutted me in the face. I put my hand up to block, and then gave her head a gentle push out of my immediate proximity. I do mean it was gentle – there was no way I could have hurt her, but I did want to pass along the reminder that there are other people in the world. She turned around with fire in her eyes and said “what the hell!?” I said “you headbutted me in the face.” Seems simple enough. The people beside me even nodded in agreement. 

(Side note: That is one great thing about concerts- there is a type of unity among all of us against that one drunk girl. So when one of us reacts, as long it wasn’t super severe, we have witnesses to validate our position.)

The girl kept giving me fire glares all night, but she didn’t headbutt me again. She was too busy trying to dance seductively for the bass player, who wasn’t even looking at her. However, her sexy dance did result in her rubbing her butt on me like I was a pole in a strip club, which I didn’t like either. If I had wanted that experience, I would have just spent my ticket money, in singles of course, at an actual strip club. She also kept pounding drinks. I was waiting for her to spill on one me, but it turns out she was using the stage for her drink / empty glass storage. Now, this is a very small venue and there is no space between the audience and the performers, and the stage itself doesn’t provide a lot of room for movement. But she went ahead and used some of that precious space. Which the band noticed too of course.

Meanwhile, her friend was being equally drunk and rude to my boyfriend next to me. She did the same elbow move to create space (and she needed a lot of extra space, because she was not a small girl!), and when he put his hand up to signal stop, she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him out of the way. I did not see this, otherwise there may have been a rumble. So the girls sexy-danced with each other right in front of us, effectively blocking our view of the band we paid to see, until the friend went to get more drinks. When she came back and tried to push her way in again, my boyfriend again put up his stop hand and gave her the most sinister glare I’ve ever seen. There were daggers shooting out of his eyes. And, it worked. The girl backed down. Whenever she tried anything, he just shot her the same stare, and that was it. And, again with the validation, his neighbors gave him approving nods.

Eventually we decided to move to the back of the crowd so we could dance. The venue was small enough that even in the back we could still see just fine, and we had less annoying drunk girls to deal with. I didn’t keep track of them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were escorted out, or at least away from the stage. I didn’t let them ruin my fun though, because as I mentioned, those girls are always there in some incarnation.