Rainbow Birthday Nails


I didn’t do anything fancy this time, just used 10 different colors. They are, from left pinky to thumb, right thumb to pinky:

1) SeƱorita Rosarita by OPI
2) An Affair in Red Square by OPI
3) Chocolate Shakespeare by OPI
4) Jade is the New Black by OPI
5) Resolution HD by Sally Hansen
6) Ocean View by Sally Hansen
7) High Def by China Glaze
8) Purple Potion by Sally Hansen
9) OPI Eurso Euro by OPI
10) Tomorrow Never Dies by OPI

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but there was no other effective way to take a picture of all my fingers at once.


rainbow glitter nails: light and dark



This time I used the same 5 polishes to add a colored glitter over either a light or dark base. It’s kinda cool how different they look!

Dark base: Black Diamond by China Glaze
Light Base: Miso Happy With This Color by OPI

red: Ruby Jewels by Milani
copper: Ick-A-Bod-Y by China Glaze
gold: Bring On The Bling by OPI
green: Mistletoe Kisses by China Glaze
blue: Hurray Huarache by Venique

And yes, I’m wearing them both. Left hand is light, Right hand is dark.

self portrait

Have I mentioned I like rainbows? I know I’ve talked about my own hair before, and I will again, but you can’t really appreciate it until you see it.

rainbow hair


So there you have it. I do it all myself, and the colors are all Jerome Russell Punky Color semipermanent dye in Pillarbox Red, Bright Yellow, Alpine Green, Atlantic Blue, and Purple. I re-do it every 6-8 weeks (or whenever I get around to it). I only bleach it out when my natural growth starts to overtake the color.

(Pardon the cell phone pic!)

Rainbow glitter confetti nails

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you know I sometimes post pictures of my fancy nail polished fingers. Ok, they’re not that fancy, it’s just stuff I do at home. They don’t even have any designs or anything. But I like them, so I share them with the world.


I should have worn this on New Year’s, but I didn’t think about it. Oh well, I can have sparkles all year!

This color is “Save Me” by OPI, covered in Avon’s Iridescent Nail Glitter.